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I'm a philosopher. That means I'm full of shit, like all the other philosophers.

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Kill Bill Cosby

Grievously wronged by an evil pudding company, one sweater-wearing ninja takes on entire armies, and skilled assassins, just to get his chocolatey-sweet revenge. Coming this summer to a theater near y...

Posted: Jun. 30, 2014

Impossible Sausage

This winter, four friends discover an abandoned bratwurst museum behind a popular shopping mall, and end up being forced to somehow eat a full serving of sausage with some kind of crazy bullshit locke...

Posted: Jun. 20, 2014

Bumper Sticker Guide #2

Bumper sticker analysis: THE REVENGE!
Part 2 of until people stop pissing me off.
Part 1 can be found here, in case you missed it....

Posted: Jun. 19, 2014

PiƱa Kill-ada

When good drinks go bad.
Spending time on the beach with your favorite cocktail seemed like a good idea for five eager friends, but when they start dying in festive, tropical ways, the race is on to ...

Posted: Jun. 18, 2014

Booty. Booty! BOOTY!

Yes, I keep telling myself I'll stop making loops, but sometimes it's necessary, damnit!

In this particular case, I feel the world might need a clip espousing the glory of a quantity of booty. Ther...

Posted: May. 28, 2014

Keep on top of Tumblr

So, you're busy, and always on the go, but you love to be up on the latest social justice trends on Tumblr.

Just one problem: there are SO MANY to keep track of that it would take all day to find e...

Posted: May. 28, 2014

Mr. T Simulator

Picked up this game for the Xbone today. Gonna see if it lives up to all the hype I've been hearing.

I'm eager to challenge all my friends in "T for Two" party game mode, and join the millions of p...

Posted: May. 27, 2014

Jay-Z elevator fight, w/audio.

You might have seen this on the news, if you're into trashy celebrity shit from TMZ. However, their version doesn't tell the whole story.

I have managed to recover the audio using a proprietary tec...

Posted: May. 12, 2014

Big Doge T-shirt

Everyone's favorite retailer of apparel for morbidly obese white trash, Big Dogs, have a shirt regarding bad attitudes. I decided to fuse it with the "doge" meme that's been floating around. I don't u...

Posted: Apr. 30, 2014

Bumper Sticker Guide

Ever wish you could know more about drivers than just what their bumper sticker actually says? Well, I've created a guide to drivers, based on what they adorn their vehicle with.

All you have to do...

Posted: Apr. 24, 2014

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