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She blinded me with science, but I broke her leg with ignorance.

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Proverb #10

Sometimes, it's about more than hard work to achieve your goals....

Posted: Jul. 29, 2015

Proverb #9

I can vouch for the veracity of this bit of ancient wisdom....

Posted: Jul. 28, 2015

Proverb #8

Who knew it would be as easy as all that?
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this proverb, while certainly forgotten, was forgotten relatively recently....

Posted: Jul. 27, 2015

Proverb #7

Sometimes, we need a little wisdom before we can bring ourselves to face the day. A little encouragement from those who came before us.

Posted: Jul. 26, 2015

Proverb #6

I think Ben Franklin might have said this one, but I can't seem to find an attribution confirming this.
He was a wise fellow....

Posted: Jul. 25, 2015

Proverb #5

It's true. Problems only grow if you let them. However, sometimes some old-school advice can get those problems solved. Try it, won't you?...

Posted: Jul. 24, 2015

Mac Os?

Ever the innovators, Apple has managed to blow the lid off the breakfast market with its snazzy new iFood. For a reasonably modest entry cost (plus subscription fees), you too can own the breakfast ce...

Posted: Jul. 23, 2015

Proverb #4

Mind over matter. The power of positive thinking, and all that fun shit. ...

Posted: Jul. 22, 2015

Proverb #3

Glorious wisdom from the far East... side of town, where rents are cheap, and come with "fringe benefits" for the patient and quiet types....

Posted: Jul. 19, 2015

Shiver Me Timbers

Avast, landlubbers! Tis time to examine the world's swarthiest, and most popular erotic franchises, based on brigands of the high seas.

That's right. Time to read the list of the world's top ten pi...

Posted: Jul. 17, 2015

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