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Life Hack: Set All That Shit On Fire!

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GALLERY: Earth Day, 2015

Clicky-click to view some helpful tips on how to be more enviro-conscious....

Posted: Apr. 24, 2015

My-KILL Jackson

A group of friends go fishing in the woods, and encounter the legendary King of Pop, brought back to life by a genie, or a dying child's wish, or Robin Williams or something.

However, not all is w...

Posted: Apr. 22, 2015


So, I was thinking of how fugly Crocs (the shoe) are, and what could be done to mitigate the trauma resulting from seeing them worn in public places.

I had kind of a "eureka" moment, and thus, the ...

Posted: Apr. 01, 2015

Women's Magazines

Yeah, everyone's read one of these, be it voluntarily, or incidentally at a dentist's office or at the hairsmith. I swear, every issue has something about thumbing buttholes. I'm not sure who the peop...

Posted: Mar. 22, 2015

Help! My nanny is...

Now this, THIS is what I call revolutionary television programming. I'm gonna be riveted to my seat all season....

Posted: Mar. 21, 2015

GALLERY: Bumper Stickers

Here are my bumper sticker ideas.

Click to see em!
Comment/like to VOTE for which gets printed.

The one with the most over the next few weeks will be printed and PUT UP FOR SALE...

Posted: Mar. 06, 2015

50 Shades of Cent

So, apparently this upcoming movie has everyone super stoked. It's apparently about a rapper from New York who grew up on the mean streets before finding his true love: bondage play.

It's truly hea...

Posted: Feb. 09, 2015

Thrift Store Item Guide

You ever been at a secondhand or thrift store, and are wondering about the viability of the items available for purchase?

Well, I've made a handy-dandy chart to let you know perhaps some of the ups...

Posted: Feb. 07, 2015

B-33 Weapon System

Presenting the latest in cutting-edge anti-personnel weaponry. The B-33 is the latest in Wombtech Defense Research's line of insect-related war implements.

The B-33 is suitable to any number of env...

Posted: Feb. 03, 2015

Creamed Corn

We all know that this particular foodstuff was invented specifically to provide entertainment for your gastro-intestinal tract.

Not just any entertainment, it's a damn THRILL RIDE for your shit chu...

Posted: Jan. 24, 2015

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