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Stop! Stabbertime!

According to pretty much every slasher movie I've ever seen, this is 100% true. Just lumber along and death-kill everyone and you won't get caught by the cops. In fact, the only way you can be stopped...

Posted: Oct. 30, 2017

Huh, she what?

Writing is hard work, and television writing especially so. There's an intense brainstorming process involved for most everything we see. I managed to find some notes from an old writing session, wher...

Posted: May. 01, 2017

When Life Gives You...

Sometimes, something happens which is so horrible, people can't help but make a film about it. Usually, these are grand mysteries, or fantastic crimes, but an overlooked 1982 slaughtering spree commit...

Posted: Jan. 07, 2016

Wager of Despair

It's that time of year again. The time when shopping becomes a life-or-death competitive struggle, with varying results. Thrill and chill as your fellow man become ravenous beasts, hungry for merchand...

Posted: Nov. 26, 2015

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