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Who dis is?

So who is this "Wombstretcha" anyhow?

I'm glad you asked, Johnny. You see, billions of years ago, the Earth was a molten mass of... wait, what? Who am I?

My name is Wombstretcha the Magnificent, a retired rapper from the West coast. Specifically, from Portland, Oregon, but don't let that fool you, I'm not some kind of tacky hipster. I'm just regular tacky.

Throughout my tenure in the music industry, I learned a lot of things. Chief among these things is that I hate the music industry, and thus, I leave that to people who don't.

The point of this site is to catalogue all the things I have done and continue to do, which aren't music. See the music page for more information on that stuff.

It should be noted that I am just one guy, and with few notable exceptions, every last bit of content and design on this site is created by me. I don't schedule it, I'm not on a timeline, and (so far) nobody's paying me to make any of this.

So, if it's been a while since an update, well, either I'm busy with something else, not around, or simply don't have any good ideas. Or, I should say, don't have any ideas, since none of this junk is the result of good ideas.

Posted: Jul. 21, 2014

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