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This site is like that movie "Timecop," except with a lot less Van Damme, and microscopically more sense-make.

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What is this?

This is a repository for all the crap I crank out. Basically a storehouse for all the junk that falls out of my head and lands on the Internet.

Oh, and also so I can post incredibly raunchy things, should I desire. Ever see a fat man get a cactus shoved up his... oh, nevermind.

I update this beast when I feel like it, so that means sometimes there's a lot happening, and sometimes not much at all. Content is mostly images, with the occasional simple video editing project tossed in as well.

As a rule, I don't host other people's content, so please don't ask. Or go ahead and ask, but if I tell you "no," then hopefully it makes you feel bad.

Sometimes I will post other people's stuff, or links to same, but this is out of genuine personal interest, rather than incentive.

Any content from others will be clearly marked as such. If it is not explicitly stated, then it was made right here in WombLabs.

Posted: Jul. 21, 2014

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