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Why does this exist?

I used to use social media sites exclusively to toss content at the world, but I have realized that is unwise.

Social media, while vast and interconnected, is also the domain of not only terms-of-service content fascism, but also community censorship, wherein one fat soccer mom can get photos of Michelangelo's David removed because penises offend her. If that can happen to Mikey, then imagine what someone without centuries of prestige would get? Yeah, it really is that bad.

Long story short: social media sites make their own rules, and all my stuff could end up trashed if the overlords of Facebook decide they don't like the cut of my jib. So, to mitigate the risk of having all my content arbitrarily obliterated, I've set up this site, just in case that happens.

Of course, you will find that sharing to social media is enabled for most content here, so by all means, give 'em what-for!

Posted: Jul. 21, 2014

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