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This site is, in general, a repository for all the crap I crank out. Basically a storehouse for all the junk that falls out of my head and lands on the Internet.

I was at one point, and technically still am, a rapper of sorts, and thus have a catalog of awful music for your perusal.

It's presented here, absolutely free, in .ZIP file format, as full albums, for download.


Four More Years(2010)

Startin' Floods (2009)

Right Foot Green (2008)

A Pie Full of Knives(2007)

B-Sides and Miscarriages (2007)

The Great Divide(2005)

I hope you enjoy.
No, sorry, I don't have any of the lyrics written down anywhere, but if you really wanna know WTF was being said, you can always ask. Or, try, anyhow.

Posted: Jul. 21, 2014

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