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These are like the X-Files, but with fewer UFOs, and more discussion of the government suppression of the Electric Pornograph.

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Wine! Magazine

A fake cover I did for the people over at Saucetown Magazine who always appreciate a good indictment of the wine industry....

Posted: Jun. 15, 2020

Bad Housekeeping

Are you a domestic person who delights in pretty much anything but being domestic? I think we have found the periodical for you....

Posted: Nov. 08, 2016

Performance Hot Dog

Ride! Ride like the demon that drives your dreams!
When you need to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your hot dog, there's only one publication to pick up. The original, and still the best: ...

Posted: Jun. 10, 2016

Savage Henry Cover

Last month, I was asked to do an "alternate universe" style cover for some chums at Savage Henry Independent Times in the theme of "punk," and so I did.

I drew upon many years of being handed poorl...

Posted: May. 09, 2015

Women's Magazines

Yeah, everyone's read one of these, be it voluntarily, or incidentally at a dentist's office or at the hairsmith. I swear, every issue has something about thumbing buttholes. I'm not sure who the peop...

Posted: Mar. 22, 2015


Everyone's favorite sasquatch-related newsmagazine.
From bottom to top, Sasq-Watch don't stop, covering all the latest in sasquatch news, fashion, and accessories, all from a gentleman's perspective....

Posted: Jun. 28, 2013

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