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Do they have pimp cups for kids? Pimp sippy-cups?



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I, uh, got into a brief period where I experimented with some pop-culture stuff. This is the Shaq mosaic, prominently featuring underpants from the movie "Kazaam," and a large quantity of meat.... (Click to see more)

Posted: Jul. 19, 2013

The Niggler

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What if one of Batman's oldest foes was a little less Machiavellian, and a lot more... well, obnoxious.

The use of Jim Carrey in this graphic is meant to emphasize that factor.... (Click to see more)

Posted: Jul. 15, 2013

GALLERY: Did you have a childhood?

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Yeah, so I've seen a million social media posts about "If you didn't ______, then you didn't have a childhood" made by little shits who grew up in the 1990s. I did my own take. Click here to see it.... (Click to see more)

Posted: Jul. 11, 2013

Honey I Took A Huge Dump

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The latest in Rock Moranis' series of films beginning with "Honey, I..." - it's "Honey, I Took A Huge Dump!"

It's a story about an eccentric inventor who manages to invent a revolutionary new kind ... (Click to see more)

Posted: Jul. 10, 2013

Roll Sleeves like an Asshole

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So, there was this guide to rolling up your sleeves that was put out by J. Bean or LL Crew or some yuppie-ass clothier, on how to roll your sleeves like a bro.
I made my own, more accurate reference.... (Click to see more)

Posted: Jul. 10, 2013


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Everyone's favorite sasquatch-related newsmagazine.
From bottom to top, Sasq-Watch don't stop, covering all the latest in sasquatch news, fashion, and accessories, all from a gentleman's perspective.... (Click to see more)

Posted: Jun. 28, 2013

Wheel Of Rap

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Here's a fun activity, for the next time you or the kids are bored.
Cut out this wheel of "things rappers get" and spin it in order to decide what you'll do with the rest of the afternoon.

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Posted: Jun. 25, 2013

The Berenstain Bears

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I was going through my old trunks of childhood memories, and I found a Berenstain Bears book, which I have only recently discovered is long out of print. The reason it is out of print is because it de... (Click to see more)

Posted: Jun. 24, 2013

Don't bother me; I'm shitting!

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Another in a series of videos culminating with a spirited reading of the word "bitch!"

In this case cobbled from footage shortly before they both get killed, in "Friday the 13th, Part V" - but I al... (Click to see more)

Posted: Jun. 19, 2013

What are you on, bitch?

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Once again, Bill Dynamite informs a particularly spurious woman that she has breached a contractual agreement, and must be given a warning.

One in a series of video clips ending in "bitch!"... (Click to see more)

Posted: Jun. 18, 2013

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