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Life Hack: Set All That Shit On Fire!

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Arsonist of Hope

A man travels the countryside, finding lost souls and sob stories as he goes. His magic gift with arson, however, leaves everyone he touches looking at life in a new light.

Golly, I love these hear...

Posted: Jun. 05, 2015

Waffle House Bathroom TV

You know, I used to think I hated reality TV, but sometimes they formulate just the right concept to give everyone what they really want to see. What they want to see is humanity at its worst.

I re...

Posted: Jun. 04, 2015

Adventures in clickbait #2

Ok, I'm trying once again to make the most soulless, manipulative graphic possible, for the sheer sake of pulling traffic.

I'm not quite certain I've got the hang of it yet.
I think I somehow need...

Posted: May. 28, 2015

Caveman TV

From the network that brought you "Orangutan Paternity Suit," and "America's Strongest Mormon," comes a riveting hour-long drama about an unfrozen caveman who is recruited into the Detroit Police.


Posted: May. 25, 2015

Clickbait project

So, in my ongoing experiments on how to be completely unscrupulous for personal gain, I'm launching some laboratory-grade clickbait on to social media, to gauge if my "click sense" is tuned to that of...

Posted: May. 20, 2015

Marky's Ark!

Ah, how could the world have forgotten the works of Marcus Q. Mark? Oh wait, they didn't!

In this delightful summer comedy vehicle, a young Mark Wahlberg goes back in time for no good reason and wi...

Posted: May. 17, 2015

Savage Henry Cover

Last month, I was asked to do an "alternate universe" style cover for some chums at Savage Henry Independent Times in the theme of "punk," and so I did.

I drew upon many years of being handed poorl...

Posted: May. 09, 2015

Adolf at the bat

Just when you thought there would never be another good underdog sports movie, along comes "Designated Hitler!"

It's a heartwarming story about a F├╝hrer, and a bad-luck baseball team with the wor...

Posted: Apr. 28, 2015

He's going APE!

Coming this fall, is the heartwarming tale of a Las Vegas pimp who happens to have a tragic accident, costing him the use of his legs.

He thinks all is lost, until a new service animal from the Dep...

Posted: Apr. 26, 2015

GALLERY: Earth Day, 2015

Clicky-click to view some helpful tips on how to be more enviro-conscious....

Posted: Apr. 24, 2015

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