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You may not have known it, but one of my many degrees is in Horoscology, or the study of star signs, and other Zodiac shit. Naturally, the chief tool in this field is the Horoscope. It helps predict w... (Click to see more)

Posted: May. 03, 2017

Huh, she what?

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Writing is hard work, and television writing especially so. There's an intense brainstorming process involved for most everything we see. I managed to find some notes from an old writing session, wher... (Click to see more)

Posted: May. 01, 2017

Evil Life Tip #17

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A slightly evil life tip for how to score yourself a tropical vacation without paying your own money for it. Proceed at your own risk.... (Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 25, 2017

Lobster Frap

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Not to be outdone by their success with the unicorn frappuccino®, Starbucks™ has decided to go for a double by releasing yet another flavored frap, and of course, it's only available for a limited ... (Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 24, 2017

Urf Day 2017

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It's Urf Day once again, and I have some delightful and practical tips on how to do nice things for the ol' Urf. Yeah, you. Everyone can make a difference, if they just believe in themselves or some s... (Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 22, 2017

My first what now?

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Living in a police state as we do, it's sometimes tough to explain certain concepts to kids. Concepts like why an authority figure might need to thumb their buttholes for reasons of security, and why ... (Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 21, 2017


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You're tired, the kids are shrieking because they're hungry, and all you have are some odds and ends in the refrigerator. What's a working mom to do? Well, with new DogMAGIC™, you can serve fresh ho... (Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 19, 2017

A good source of protein.

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Indulge in decadence by getting yourself a box of these delightful treats. They're pure meat, dipped in pure milk chocolate, for a taste sensation that will have you robbing people at bus stations in ... (Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 11, 2017

The bird!

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It seems to be a standby. Regardless of age, race, gender, or economic background, there's always that one person who thinks it's a good idea to flip off the camera. Unless your picture's being taken ... (Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 08, 2017

Parenting Books

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Parenting is tough, and nobody wants to foster the growth of another generation of inept adult children. What to do? Well, a behavioral therapist has shared her advice in this new book. I can't put it... (Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 03, 2017

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